Brax Graphic GL 2 2″ 50mm Midrange Speaker




As a passionate music lover and hi-fi enthusiast, Audiotec?s founder Heinz Fischer had one vision: to be the first to transfer the sound experience of legendary high-end audio components to the automobile. To achieve this ambitious goal, no compromises in design, sound and technology have been made. Following these principles, our engineers focused on exceptional sound quality and expanded the technological limits once again when they designed the new BRAX GRAPHIC speaker series. Outstanding components and unparalleled craftsmanship make the difference ? of course solely made in Germany!

High-end midrange driver that outgrows its potential

Introducing the newest member of the BRAX GRAPHIC speaker series: The BRAX GL2! This 50 mm / 2? midrange driver is special in many ways. In its long development process, no expense or effort was spared to create an uncompromising loudspeaker, which you can only expect like that from BRAX. Every single component ? from the basket to the diaphragm ? was rethought and manufactured with specially made tools. This enormous effort manifests itself even beyond its outstanding sound characteristics in an unusually compact form factor that creates entirely new installation possibilities. And even better: due to its exceptionally wide frequency response, the GL2 can be used without an additional tweeter, resulting in the close approach of the ideal of a point source and an overall new level of spatial reproduction of music in the automobile. The extremely rigid aluminum cone by Dr. Kurt M?ller provides a notably natural midrange response with particularly dynamic sound characteristics, while the precisely manufactured neodymium magnet system with its optimally linear magnetic flux contributes to the exceptionally low distortion factor.
This clearly shows that, with all of its technical finesse, the GL2 is in a league of its own.

Elegant design with high functionality

In typical BRAX fashion, design and function intertwine. Of course, there are the 24-carat gold plated terminals to round off the purist, noble look and ensure maximum conductivity. The sturdy, black grille protects the cone from damages and underlines the minimalist appearance, while the threaded hole on the back allows a discreet integration into the vehicle.

Details well-thought-out to the end

The special level of quality and the attention for every single detail automatically manifest the GL2 at reference level, meeting the highest tonal demands of any hi-fi enthusiast. Typically for BRAX, each pair of speakers is given its own serial number and recorded in a service database. This high-end product ? Made in Germany ? is topped off by the packaging in an elegant wooden box, complimenting the uncompromising philosophy of the BRAX brand.


  • Enormously broadband frequency response even off-axis ? therefore ideal for the use as broadband speaker without additional tweeter
  • Rigid aluminum cone for outstanding and natural midrange response
  • Particularly clear and dynamic sound characteristics thanks to the rigid and lightweight aluminum cone
  • Precisely machined ?neodymium magnet system for highest ?magnetic flux linearity
  • 24 carat gold plated terminals for maximum conductivity
  • Magnet system with threaded hole for hidden fastening from behind
  • Sturdy protection grille for protecting the cone from damages
  • Aerodynamically optimized basket
  • Extremely compact dimensions ideal for installation in the A-pillar ? outer diameter almost identical to tweeter BRAX GRAPHIC GL1



High-End Car-Hifi

The sound philosophy behind BRAX

Music is emotion in acoustic waves. It touches people like no other medium. The BRAX brand was born with the idea to reproduce this audio experience as accurate and realistic as possible. Nothing shall stand in the way of pure musical enjoyment. Not even the automobile interior with its less than ideal acoustic conditions. Based on this vision, Audiotec Fischer creates legendary high-end hi-fi components for automotive applications since 1990. There is only one goal: absolutely uncompromising sound. If high-end audio reproduction in cars is the question, BRAX will be the answer.

German high-end audio quality in true perfection

In order to assure maximum sound quality, all BRAX components are exclusively developed in Germany and manufactured with precise craftmanship. Only the finest components are used, all of which are manually selected and need to pass the strictest quality control. Audiotec Fischer is the only manufacturer of audiophile car-hifi products who performs the complex procedure of hand selecting the power transistors. it is a pure pursuit of perfection. Using self-developed measureing devices, all transistors are divided into more than 300 classes and paired with one another. The statement "Made in Germany" is therefore not a marketing phrase, but a real promise.
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